Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Issues with the Internets

Don't worry, all ten of you who read this blog, I am still alive -- just unable to post much. The fortified compound in northwest Washington, DC that the Radical Centrist calls home is experiencing Internet problems -- which may require drastic measures to solve. I'd post from work, but right now I'm way too busy to spend the day pontificating on world events.

So until connectivity is restored, you may read this article about the increasingly pro-Western/anti-regime sentiments of the Iranians, and you may check out this coverage of the 1 million anti-Syrian protesters in Beirut yesterday.


Blogger Jack Michaels said...

Actually, it's just one reader...but I do check in 10 times a day! :)

Just joking..I just moved away from DC and I can relate. Evrything in the District is a pain at some point.


11:37 PM  

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